Why Videos?

Why Videos?

“Never did I pursue to be likened by the majority of people. I never learned those things that they liked and those things which I know are far beyond their understanding”

Epicouros ((341-270 BC)

In the era of the media and picture it would be a neglectance on my part not to use the available videos or documentaries to make my case stronger. Some people are bored of articles while others get frustrated by books. Even though they may be attracted by the subjects of past life regressions, or the concept of reincarnation, or that of paranormal experiences, Near Death Experiences and Out of Body Experiences they do not want to get that deep in to the matter. Thus very easily they will bounce off and surf elsewhere.

Now, here is a good chance to indulge in the particular videos and to use them as an entry point for further probing. There are quite reliable and credible. Most of the pionneers of this research are present. Then if interested you will find more into the links and suggested books sections.

Let us see whether you can surf against the tide…




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