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Assessing the Benefits of a NDE without having one.

One does not have to almost die in order to understand the cycle of life, appreciate it and share love with humanity. They can simply recall such an event with the help of a trained and qualified therapist.

In this presentation significant evidence will be presented concerning the material that has arisen during regression sessions into the life-between-lives stage. In the 50 years of past-life therapy alternative hypnotherapists and regression therapists alike, have run not only in the phenomenon of past-life recall, but in the recollection of images and events that take place between incarnations. In the rare instances that such a recollection takes place, deep and lasting relief overwhelms the regressed and this profound experience affects in a positive manner the course of their lives. The effects of this reliving, resembles the ones that NDExperiencers have and the descriptions of structure and scheme of the hereafter are strikingly similar.

If regression therapists continue what the priests did in ancient cultures while initiating people to the mysteries of the afterlife, then they are on the track of awakening people to live the life they deserve in the here and now. Like the mystics of Eleusis they allow people to come to grips with the essence of life, the laws of it, and the goals of it.

Appreciate and understand the insights of the Ancient Greek tradition. The audience will clearly understand the deep insights that have been inherited by the Ancient Greek tradition. Unknown and neglected parameters of the Orphic, Pythagorean and Platonic tradition that initiated our ancestors into the workings of the afterlife. It will be an illuminating experience and the audience will have the opportunity to learn important insights so deeply needed in the modern world.2.
Understand the dynamics and the implications of the fact that the soul survives physical death. By discovering the fact that the soul survives physical death people can go on with their lives with a far wider perspective and assess their deeds accordingly. By knowing that “as you sow, so you shall reap” they can transform now the conditions of their future incarnations. Afterlife literacy is a prerequisite to graduate from this life to the hereafter.3.
Discuss the transformative experience of a life-between- lives regression session. Summarizing the findings of 50 years of regression therapy and comparing them with the similarities of the NDEs. The striking similarity of the experiences of people who have been regressed in the life-between-lives stage will become evident during this part of the presentation.


Discover the inherent self-healing ability of human beings and how to tune in with it. Modern way of life has cut the umbilical cord with mother nature, causing all sorts of imbalances. The utmost value of regression therapy is that it allows the inherent capabilities and qualities of our psyche to arise and thus produce deep and transformative healing results. By tuning in with the inner wisdom of the soul one cannot but realize the deep and radical shift in the outlook
of life.

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